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Every image, stained.

Mineral. Vegetal. Animal… Alchemically bound together to break Time; to glaze our memories.

This is a visual commentary on the use of death to give birth to immortality.


Commonplace in antiquity, humans often sacrificed animals or even themselves, as gifts to their deities.

Consisting of a will to feed higher entities with our mortality, and thereby integrate eternity.


As of late, the revival of film photography has raised discussions around the use of the meat industry’s by-products in film production, as well as the ample amounts of toxic chemicals needed in post-production. It raises questions around its sustainability.


Flesh & bone are essential; in gelatinous form, to be able to capture images on film.

Integrating these facets highlights the life lost behind every image.

Developing along this line, it underlines the custom of using death to appease eternity, in form of sacrifice.

Hereby displayed by the use of animal sacrifice to gift immortality to moments in time, to our memories, in the physical form of film photography.


This is an ongoing project.

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