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Magma, iron, sulphur, and Life. Each ingredient drips into the mix, producing a unique palette used to paint one small piece of land in the Atlantic Ocean. Persephone takes a closer look into the diverse combinations of chemical, geological, and biological phenomena that continuously shape the land.  Volcanoes rise up from beneath the waves to release magma and form new land; Life seizes this opportunity to expand, but the volcanic land is still too rugged and rocky to conquer freely– thus lichen are the first to arrive, and by feeding on the hard solid surface, they disintegrate the crystallized magma, leaving fertile soil in their wake. Plants may now start to settle and flourish.


To a certain degree, we can bear witness to a microcosm which reflects the genesis of the Earth, and Life’s first footsteps on land.


All photographs were taken during a one week hiking trip on the island of Lanzarote.

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