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The world could be a much better place if people learned to acknowledge, on a daily basis, that our whole existence, from particle, person, to planet, is an astonishing feat of uncontrolled cosmic engineering. We are born out of a bang and will one day dissipate through smoke. In the mean time, between those two events, we get to be the flickering flame, alive between ignition and extinguishment. Experiencing existence. I hereby present you Yūgen. 


When one holds their head in balance between an atom and a galaxy, one can sense the insignificance yet ethereality of life & humanity. How we are less than a grain of sand in a desert, yet see ourselves at the forefront of the dune. And although it may be a delusion, it is all we have. We are the culmination of billions of years of ever-evolving chaotic reality.  Caught in such a grand spectrum, everything trickles down to elemental interactions. The thoughts in your head, and even the feelings you believe you feel. Love itself, is unzipped and declassified, broken down to simple chemical reactions. And our conscious selves cannot escape the inner-workings of our minds.

There are shadows in the Absurdity of existence. But with eyes turned towards the rays of light, there's an overwhelming wave of beauty to dive into.


How magnificent this all is, with or without meaning. How Life is a gift that the Universe had no obligation to give. Our whole reality is madness and masterpiece. Space & Time intertwine in a delicate dance tuned to a melody of energy, and we by-products have found ourselves a seat of self-awareness somewhere in the decor, to stare at the stage and consciously contemplate the scenes. And although our experience may only be a thin slice of reality, it's already more that we can chew. Earth is a subtle stain on the cosmic canvas, but is a masterpiece of endless hues. 

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